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Use our images. Use your own images. We will 3d design and produce your 3d products and have them on your doorstep in the shake of a lamb's tail.

What is Lenticular 3d?

What is Lenticular 3d Printing?

Lenticular 3d Design is a method by which normally flat, static images can convey depth and motion. The "magic" of the image is an optical illusion created by a plastic sheet covered with many rows of tiny lenses.


Lenticular 3d Printing is a multi-step process, consisting of creating an image from at least two existing images, and combining it with a lenticular lens.


How does it work?

This process can be used to create various frames of animation (for a motion effect), offsetting the various layers at different increments (for a 3D effect), or simply to show a set of alternate images which may appear to transform into each other.


Once the various images are collected, they are flattened into individual, different frame files, and then digitally combined into a single final file in a process called interlacing.

We use modern Lithographic offset printing technology to ensure the images are top quality. Offworld 3d provides a one-stop service from the design and artwork process to complete production and distribution of lenticular printing products. 

Here at Offworld, we can produce 3d Artwork to hang, large-scale 3d Installations, Posters, Postcards, Book Covers, CD/DVD Inserts, Stickers and pretty much anything you might need it for.

Lenticular FX

What are the different types of 3d Lenticular Effects


Zoom Effect


Based on a single photographic image, it is the action of having an object moving closer or further away. Lenticular images appear to "leap out" at the viewer by combining multiple sizes of the same image and merging them quickly together, gradually increasing in size. Lenticular zooms are extremely effective for logo recognition and elements you want to put emphasis on. 


Motion Effect

Lenticular technique utilising animated images and glorified flip images. The background image may remain constant, while the objects which appear to be moving, will be printed at different positions. Imagine the effectiveness of representing a video action sequence or product demonstration on your next marketing piece! 


3d Effect 


Allows the transformation of the two-dimensional reference of your choice into a multi-layer three-dimensional image. Lenticular effects using 3D depth images utilise the Parallax theory. Our brain compares the different views from our right and left eyes, processes the data, and creates what we see as a three dimensional world. This effect can be achieved with a 3D photo shoot or by simply supplying each element on a separate layer. 


Morph Effect 

The complete transformation of an image, melting into another. Create the perception that two or more images seamlessly transform into each other before the observer's eyes. This is a valuable lenticular effect for products that come in a variety of shapes, styles or colours, or for products that change.


Flip Effect 

The Flip Effect is used to show multiple distinct images, one after the other. Although the most basic out of all the lenticular effects, flips can also be the most dramatic! Sell multiple products, make the piece bi or tri-lingual or simply induce a second look.

Lenticular Products

What kind of Products can I get in Lenticular 3d?

Lenticular 3d Art has the ability to create mood. It can entertain, remind, stimulate and bring a sense of peace. A carefully structured 3d environment has been shown to reduce stress and improve workplace harmony and productivity

Breaux Bridge Lenticular.gif

Wall Art

Have your 2d image converted into 3d and have a hanging or standing 3d Art Form for your home or office. Artwork/Panels any size up to 5m x 5m.

Use our images or upload your own or talk to us about a special project.



Have your walls and ceilings moving and vibrant. Have your office and factory calm and productive. Have a beautiful exhibition, throw a party and create the mood.

We specialise in large Installations, walls, entire 3d spaces for commercial and residential applications. Tell us how you want to move through your space and we'll create the 3d imagery to achieve it. Installations are entirely waterproof so don't forget what you can do with your exterior spaces. 

Use our images or upload your own or talk to us about a special project.



Rollem up and takem with you. Posters and Giant Posters are our biggest seller. Advertise, Entertain or just Enjoy.

Use our images or upload your own or talk to us about a special project.


Phone Cases

iPhone, Android

Effects: 3D depth, Flip, Animation, Motion, 3d Depth+Flip, Zoom and Morph.

Use our images or upload your own or talk to us about a special project.

AUD - 3d-min.png

Book Covers, CD and DVD Inserts

Effects: 3D depth, Flip, Animation, Motion, 3d Depth+Flip, Zoom and Morph.

Use our images or upload your own or talk to us about a special project.



Effect: Lenticular, Flip, Moving/Animation, Zooming, Morphing, 3D “Depth” Stereoscopy

Use our images or upload your own or talk to us about a special project.


Postcards and Business Cards, Stickers,

Magnets and Bookmarks ....


Lenticular Lens Sheets

Buy Lenticular 3d Lens Sheets Wholesale.

Show us what you have


Tell us what you need

Leave the rest to us


Our Installations

Offworld Publishing Lenticular 3d
Offworld Publishing Lenticular 3dilla-interior-hallway.jpg

Exterior Residential Installation on Glass

Denia, Spain

Interior, Residential Installation on Wall

Javea, Spain

Offworld Publishing Lenticular 3d

When Abby Comes Home from School

Interior Residential Installation on Wall

Pedreguer, Spain


Our Print Facilities

Offworld uses State-of-the-Art Lenticular 3d Print

Technology at our facility in Hong Kong.

We can ship Worldwide and our volume ensures the best prices.






Kodak CTP


Rapida Colour


Lenticular 3d Sheets


Here are some of the Free images we offer for you to create 3d products. Choose from any of the images below and tell us what you'd like. Or upload your own images and ideas.

Image Specs

Image Specifications

Ultimately, the size dictates cost but colours and image structure are also important.


If you've got an image and you want us to Design the 3d effects, Print and Ship, just SeSend over the JPEG

If you've already had the Lenticular file created, send over or share the GIF image in the first instance. We'll ask for the specific Lenticular file formats later.

You can have any of images above, or anything else you feel like, transformed into a Moving 3d Artform.
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