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Offworld is producing a
10-part docuseries called UNSTOPPABLE

logo-unstoppable4 (1).png

with an unbiased
of the
state of our place in the world today

in taking part?

Girl at Aquarium

What's really happening to global fish stocks?

Is new technology being kept from us?  

Security Surveillance

Is new technology controlling us?

Stressed Woman

Which barriers remain unassailable in race and gender issues?

Jewish Man Praying

What does religion say about today's goings on?

Fashion Kids

What will our kids have to know to prevail in the future?

And so much more ...


... and what we can do to make it better.

We are seeking trusted opinion from specialists and activists in the following disciplines. If you'd like to participate, we will give you the relevant link to your specific questions.

Image by Joel Muniz

Womens Rights

Kids in Preschool




Digital social media


Image by Florian Olivo

Technology and Hacking

Image by Marco Oriolesi


Image by Mert Guller

The Environment


The Economy

Vitamins and pills

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Image by Federico Beccari


Digital Mind


Image by Karlis Reimanis


Holiday Celebrations


Military Aircraft

The Military

And due to the fact that Kids are specialists at... er... being kids, we want to
hear from them too.

Kids Running


logo-unstoppable4 (1).png

1. What's the Series all about?

What's the Series all about?

logo-unstoppable4 (1).png

In a nutshell, the series shows the world as it s now and attempts to teach us and our children how to overcome the problems that they will face in the future by doing something now. It presents the problem and suggests solutions. 

Questions are fairly basic (especially to an expert), so they can fit into the program content.


Questions are designed to simply elicit facts from our specialists.


Has CO2 in the atmosphere increased since the Industrial Revolution?


What does the Bible say about Jesus's teachings?

Film Set

What will you be asked at Interview?

Behind the Scenes

1. What's the Series all about?

What happens next?

As a production company, seeking to produce a high-quality documentary series, we have looked at various ways of conducting interviews with a multitude of subjects all around the world while staying as contact-free as possible. With that in mind, please see our proposed filming guide.





And, in order to broadcast an interview with you, broadcast regulations require us to have your consent to do so. The following industry-standard form is to enable us to do that. If you are interested in participating in the series, we will ask you to complete and return this form.

Thanks so much for considering a
contribution to Unstoppable. 

The series will credit all contributors and will also be compartmentalised into blogs and
videocasts across all platforms.

Kids with Capes

We feel that Unstoppable will be a vital guide for kids as they go through a life fraught with more challenges than people have ever had before.


To get in touch and express your further interest, just head to the top of this page and use the form.

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