Drip Fed

Drip Fed doesn’t want to expose secrets about aliens to bother national security. Drip Fed wants to expose the alien technology we’ve had for decades, take our long overdue giant leap, save millions of lives and settle into a new phase of human enlightenment.

“Drip Fed is here to encourage the coagulation of beings, skills and intent to form a Global Mind. The mission of that Global Mind is to encourage or otherwise force the elite hoarding giants to wake the fuck up. Release the tech. Infinite Free Energy. Because if one of us finds it, we’re not going to worry about managing the economy. It’s new era shit baby and you won’t be invited.”

Astrid Permine, Sci-Fi Author, Film Producer, Director

Part 1 > Drip Fed We've been drip-fed UFO stories for long enough to feel more at ease with the concept of alien life, in whichever form it might take. We’ve even become more at ease with the concept of its interaction with humanity. It’s become inconceivable to us that all of the people and all of the photos and all of the videos could possibly be false. Today, people think twice before denying it. After all, it would be abandoning the simple notion of probability. If humans exist, the probability is, others do as well. The Drake equation is a probability-based argument used to estimate the number of active, intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy. The equation was written in 1961 by Frank Drake, the year Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man to orbit the Earth. Calculate the average rate of star formation in our galaxy and how many stars there are. (R*). Take the fraction of stars that have planets (fp) Reduce it to the number of planets that can potentially support life (ne) Of those, take the fraction of planets that develop life at some point (fl) Now you have planets with anything from the most basic proteins to perhaps dinosaurs, like it was here on Earth hundreds of millions of years ago. What fraction of those planets go on to develop intelligent life? Civilizations. It took our planet Earth four and a half billion years! (fi) fc = narrow it down even further, the fraction of civilizations that develop technology. The ability to broadcast signs of their existence into space like we do. L = the final consideration is time. How long will that civilisation exist? How long will they broadcast signs of their existence into space? What we find is that there could be as many as 15,000 civilisations in our own galaxy with the ability to broadcast signs of their existence into space. Religion doesn’t deny it. Quite the opposite in fact. Christianity is relaxed about the existence of aliens, stating a logic consistent with their belief that God is the aliens’ Creator too. Genesis Chapter one, verse one, “God created the Heavens and the Earth.” Aliens would not nullify Christian doctrine, only confirm the extent of God’s creative capabilities. Judaism doesn’t see why God cannot create more than one form of sentient species in the cosmos. Islamic scripture seems to make the case that intelligent life forms exist on many other worlds. The Qur’an states that all of the beings in the universe serve Allah. Hindus wouldn’t be at all surprised by the discovery of extraterrestrial life and they’d embrace it. And Buddhists view the universe as unimaginably large and ancient, and filled with living beings everywhere. Early cultures could only describe such things in terms of fiery clouds or chariots, revealing strange beings with great powers. Erick von Daniken in his book, “Chariots of the Gods,” suggests they were actually seeing UFOs and aliens. Maybe, if it weren’t for aliens and their spacecraft appearing to those early cultures, mass religion would never have happened. So however they came to be known, however they were revealed and to whom, aliens have been here. They are here. People know they’re here but still keep it hidden from us. We’re not sure where they come from, how old their civilisation is. How many times they’ve been before or how many others there might be. We don’t know the dialogue they’ve had with our world leaders, our elite class. They will be thousands, maybe millions of years more advanced than us and probably capable of subduing us with minimal effort. If you look at the technologies that allow a species to travel from one star to another, it's a thousand times more developed than our hydrogen bomb. And if we were to have a full scale nuclear war, it would leave most of our life on Earth extinguished. Therefore, how could we possibly have armed conflict with an alien species for more than a tiny amount of time and survive it? The fact that you and I are still breathing the free air of Earth is abundant testimony to their restraint and non hostility. Now the question is, how are these civilizations viewing us? Are they perceiving human civilization as a threat? And the answer is, yes.” So what do they want? And what have they traded with the world’s elite to ensure they get it? Some people prefer to think they may be ourselves from the future, needing to return to a time and change something that may save them in the future. But the paradoxes associated with time travel to the past suggest it shouldn’t be possible. However advanced technology might get, there are convincing philosophical problems with travelling back in time. Let’s say you’re given access to a fully functional time machine. What would you do? Most people say, “Go back and kill Hitler.” So let’s go back in time to the 1890s, find a young Adolf Hitler and kill him before he could start the second world war and the holocaust. This sounds like the right thing to do, but the problem is this. Although going back and removing Hitler from the universe's timeline would stop all the horrible things he was responsible for, it would also remove any reason for you go back in time and kill him in the first place No knowledge of Hitler would exist in the future and therefore no need for you to go back in time and erase him It’s a paradox. It doesn't make sense. This is known as the Hitler paradox. But concerning anything to do with reclaimed alien technology, we’ve been shut out, even governments may have been shut out but can dark, shady forces can keep to themselves any more? We are spending over $100 million per day on classified programs that have no congressional oversight, no public scrutiny. No-one is monitoring these programs. A number of these programs bypass Congress altogether. When you start going through the documents, these programs start dropping off the radar screen. These are all classified programs within the defense budget, but they don't supply any expenditure or technical information on the program. And if people think that the Congress and the President actually have a handle on this, they're very much mistaken. They do not. These dark and shady forces, funded to the tune of $200 billion a year, hidden from any congressional oversight are free to act as they please. These people don’t have to tell anyone what they spend our money on. It has to be a secret. They say there would be panic, economic chaos. And all the while they lie and hide and cover up, we become more accustomed to the notion aliens are here, more in tune with its reality. Give or take their reasoning for being here, and their fondness for interfering with our livestock, so far they haven’t taken us over or blown us up. Whether they came from Sirius or Aldebaran or anywhere else in the universe, they could give us wonderful things as a species, help transform us to our next level. We could develop deep space travel, maybe even time travel, develop new cures and treatments, change our understanding of the physical universe, change our understanding of physics, change our understanding of ourselves. But whether they’re still here among us or our own elite are manipulating the fear for their own purposes, there is one thing we know has been here. Their spacecraft. The machine that brought them all the way to Earth, a distance that would demand more energy than planet Earth has ever consumed. Energy. A wholly different energy source to anything we could imagine today. Something that would instantly save lives. Infinite free energy. We interviewed a retired Lt. Colonel in the US Airforce, posted to some of the most sensitive sites around the US south-west For reasons of anonymity, we will call him Laroche. “So, what it really was, was an alternative energy and propulsion system. They had a piece of what they thought was Plexiglas, a rectangular piece of Plexiglas for years before they figured out it was the energy device for the craft. Then they figured out it was connected in such a way that this small device could power anything from a very small watch to a whole city and way bigger than that even. Power was determined by what the demand on it was. And each craft had one of these fitted.” The implications of free energy go way beyond making sure the lights are on at home, or driving a car that doesn’t use gasoline. Most of the costs of making anything, from growing food, to constructing a high rise, is the energy used to mine the raw materials out of the ground. Ship, process, ship again. Package, and deliver. A free-energy society where the cost of manufacturing and agriculture approach zero, would mean endless abundance for everyone on Earth. The technology already exists. It's not like they even have to be invented. You and I the taxpayers, we’ve already paid trillions of dollars in secret black budget funding to develop these systems. So where is our infinite free energy? Part 2 > A Question of Genetics We’ve heard evidence from people who were there. They’ve seen the energy devices. They’ve seen the alien craft. Some of them even admit their part in the cover up. We’ve seen the extent to which dark shady forces will go to maintain their full spectrum dominance of the situation. But there is another version of who our alien visitors are, or rather who some of them are. There was an overwhelming opportunity which the powers that be here on Earth eventually seized and exploited. Exploited for the purposes of keeping the rest of us in line, subservient, content with our lot. Fear. Fear has always been used by our leaders. Create fear, keep people worried. Have it nibble away in the back of their minds. People become more subservient. People are kept in line. In organized crime circles, they call it a protection racket Suggest you can solve a problem and then create that problem. You are both the dragon and the white knight. In modern times, it’s called a false flag operation. A false flag operation is creating the illusion of a threat, often by attacking yourself and blaming your chosen enemy. It's proven extremely effective at uniting people around a perceived threat. It’s a well-known concept in military intelligence circles. We did it in the Gulf of Tonkin in Vietnam, where we exaggerated if not completely staged an attack on our naval vessels so we would stampede President Johnson and the Congress into vastly expanding the Vietnam conflict. And who did that benefit? Guess who, the military industrial complex and the war profiteers. Another good example is when US military officials planned a project called operation Northwoods back in 1962. They were going to dress up Cuban refugees in Cuban military uniforms, have them attack Guantanamo Bay so they could kill US military personnel and sink US military ships. Not only that, they’d explode bombs in shopping centers in Miami, targeting and killing refugees from Cuba. This was all designed to infuriate the American population so that they can invade and occupy Cuba. Another win for the military industrial complex and the war profiteers. It's astonishing that anybody would dare to make a recommendation like that, but they did. Then you can look at Iraq. We made up all kinds of false information about weapons of mass destruction, which Saddam Hussein did not have, and it was known in intelligence circles he didn't have. Fracture that part of the world. And now you have ISIS. First the church infused the fear of God into us and warned of God’s own mighty wrath. And when people started questioning their belief in sufficient numbers, they began losing the fear. So the atom bomb and the cold war followed, the prospect of full scale nuclear armageddon became God’s new holy wrath. When the cold war was over, extreme Islamic terrorism became the normal background. The threat that one race of people would not stop before all other races are converted or extinguished, bombs could go off in any street at any time. In the midst of all of this we get regular virus threats. Foot and Mouth, Bird Flu, Swine flu and now the Corona Virus. On March 14th 2020, during the making of the Drip Fed Movie in Javea in Spain, the Spanish government announced a near complete lockdown of the country due to the Covid 19 (Corona) virus pandemic. No more than 10 people in any group, whether in public or at home, no hoarding in the supermarkets, no bars and restaurants open for at least 2 weeks and distance and gloves and masks all over the country. Although it wasn’t a focused isolation, the Guardia Civil made it known it should be. Ports and Airports were closed in several EU countries. So with Corona, here is a virus that mimics normal flu so you don’t know if you've got it or if it’s just the sniffles. It seems to be particularly dangerous to older people and people with chronic lung and heart conditions, people who need long term healthcare. The virus doesn’t show immediate symptoms in a person for up to 2 weeks. So people can affect others without even knowing they have the virus. We’ve used biological weapons in war and it’s said our combined stockpiles of biological weapons and their root viruses could also wipe out all life on planet earth very quickly. So could they be using Corona and other agents as another false flag? Another way to create fear and subjugate us, fracture us? Was Corona and other viruses manufactured to remove the elderly, people who have contributed an enormous amount to society in the past, even ensured we remain a free society (subject the caveats in this film) but now are seen as a drain on resources. A virus is a threat we can all get behind. It’s a singular enemy. We run for the hills, other people become the enemy too as we avoid contamination. We fracture our own communities, become more distant, a united hatred of the virus but unable to stand together. Is it a coincidence that very close to where patient zero was from in Wuhan in China, there is a pharmaceutical research lab? So finally, now, after religion and the cold war, terrorism and viral attacks, it’s aliens, slowly but surely, drip-fed to us over many decades. The prospect of instilling fear unilaterally, irrespective of religion or any other earthly prejudices. It’s the ultimate way to suggest imminent danger, the prospect that you and your family might be taken, experimented on, that the Earth might be split in half at any moment or perhaps the prospect that they might take over our beautiful blue world and we are no longer required. Why would the powers-that-be NOT use the alien situation in the same way? We have to realize all the fabrications and manipulations that go on behind the scenes leave us very vulnerable. And the big one is this one, where they could say, Oh, yes, the UFOs are real. But guess what, they're a threat and we need to unite the world against them. A certain element within the ruling elite class of our planet are trying to utilize the discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence as an ultimate threat, the ultimate boogie man. Then they can justify their dream of a national security state, where they lock us down and put us under the complete control of an authoritarian ruling class, the ones who control the planet and its resources. General Douglas Macarthur went on record as saying, “The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the Earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets.” Wernher Von Braun was one of the top scientists brought to the US from Germany after World War II as part of Operation Paperclip. He invented the V2 rocket for Adolf Hitler, and became the driving force for the Saturn 5 rocket for NASA and its moon missions. In his deathbed confession, Von Braun spoke of a plot to pull off the ultimate false flag operation. He said we’d use back-engineered alien reproduction vehicles to stage an invasion from outer space. Ellie Fielding was Von Braun’s nurse in the hospital where he finally died. Ellie spoke to Von Braun on a regular basis but, one afternoon, he was feeling particularly agitated. “Von Braun was dying in front of me,” said Ellie. “He had tubes draining out of him and he was tapping on the desk, like he was about to speak his final words. I was just a nurse at the hospital. Maybe he thought I was someone else, but he looked at me and said he had to reveal the truth before he died. He told me, “listen carefully” and gripped my hand as tight as he could. He said that first the Russians were the enemy against whom we were going to build space-based weapons. Then terrorists would be identified, then we were going to identify third-world country crazies. ‘The last card,’ he said, ‘Is the alien card and all of it, all of it is a lie. It won’t be the aliens. It will be our own people.’ And he said ‘you have to stop it.’ And from somewhere he got the strength to tighten his grip on my hand till I almost said, ‘Stop.’ And he said, ‘You must tell everybody.’” You might remember Ronald Reagan saying, “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.” It's a way of manipulating the public through fear, false nationalism, and creating a boogie man out in space. There was a US Army recruiting campaign. A veteran speaks of the great alien war in ‘96 and how he worries about his daughter, now enlisted in the army too. How he prays she will never have to face what he faced. Once you have an alien spacecraft and alien technology, you have the ability to build your own spacecraft. You have the ability to instill a new kind of fear, fear that will guide the rest of us one way or the other, fear to make us follow. If you think about something, someone with power has probably thought of it first and plans may be unfolding against us. Early research into anti-gravity technology gained momentum in the 1940s as Adolf Hitler poured enormous resources into developing his secret weapon. Die Glocke. The so-called Flying Bell. Perhaps technology acquired from the UFO crash landing in the Black Forest in 1937 and perhaps the reason the Nazis were so advanced and confident. Then, once we acquired these technologies, they were augmented with the study of retrieved extraterrestrial craft, and we created our own fleet of so-called Alien Reproduction vehicles, ARVs. Right now, they have the technologies to mimic the form and function of extraterrestrial UFOs and you’d never be able to tell the difference. If they do orchestrate a false flag alien invasion they could use something like the Hudson Valley boomerang. Over 25,000 eyewitnesses reported Hudson Valley boomerang. They can use any number of different types of craft, saucers, cigars, pyramids, triangles. And it will be a united coalition that does it, and a seemingly single enemy for us to unite against. The Hudson Valley boomerang measured the identical wingspan of the B-2 stealth bomber. So the question we need to ask is, was some of that 22 billion dollars used on the B-2 secretly ported across to this program? It all happened at the same time. “When they power up, and when they accelerate,” said Lt. Col Laroche. “It’s almost instant, quicker than the human eye can see, like a spark. You’d never know the difference between alien craft and our own. So if they wanted to hoax an alien invasion, they could do it, and it would be 100% believable.” They started staging hoaxed events like cattle mutilations. Training the public to the notion that aliens are not quite right. They were hostile to our cattle after all. And this was a kind of psychological warfare to instill fear. But actually, it's a covert paramilitary program, designed and executed by humans. So if you wanted to start implanting the idea of a "false threat" from outer space. The threat that Wernher Von Braun warned us about, you would start staging events that look alien, but that are completely man-made. You could certainly scare the hell out of people, give them the taste of a possible future. A TV news station once ran a segment telling its audience that UFO encounters are categorized into various Close encounters. Close encounters of the fourth kind include people who claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials. The segment goes on to tell their audience, if anyone has had a close encounter of the fourth kind, they would be anxious to hear from them. This from a reporter at the time, working on the government and military desk of a major LA newspaper, who we will call Larry. “So you’ve got these sort of anti-gravity devices with creatures, these ARVs that look just as we imagine or have seen UFOs. Inside these craft, there are beings that look like ETs that are actually man-made robotic systems. They're called programmed life-forms. And then you start doing select interfaces with the public.” “We did do that, yes.” said Laroche. “OSI did that. There was a special group out of the 76th 2nd intel wing at Fort Belvoir that came out and did that. They had these people that had maybe some sort of defects, anatomical defects. They were brought in to fool people into thinking they were… er... aliens, yeah. I can't give you any specifics because the program is still classified. And they're probably still doing it. I wouldn't doubt that they were still doing it.” So they've got this psychological warfare already embedded into the minds of people to expect some kind of invasion, an alien invasion. But it won’t be an alien invasion. It will be a far more Earthly enterprise. And they’ve got it all ready to roll. “These civilians got on to the base and got into something,” said Laroche. “They saw something they weren't supposed to see. And this group came out, and went into their home, and scared the hell out of them, staged an alien event.” The government will use the extraterrestrial phenomenon to cover their own deep black programs. That's the fight we're up against. And then it makes it out through the movie industry, the Internet, general alien and UFO chatter and such like. And it starts creating the spectre of a threat. “We have things flying in the Nevada desert that are beyond what you could comprehend,” said Laroche. “If you've seen it on Star Wars or Star Trek, we've been there, done that, or decided it wasn't worth the effort.” Ben Rich was head of the Skunk Works, the advanced aeronautical research company between 1975 and 1991. In an original letter from Ben Rich on Lockheed Advanced Aeronautics Company letterhead. “I'm a believer, and so is Kelly Johnson. There are two categories: A. Man-made UFOs. B. Extraterrestrial UFOs. I feel everything is possible. Many of our man-made UFOs were UnFunded Opportunities. In both categories, there are lots of kooks and charlatans, be cautious. But we now have the technology to take ET home. Ben Rich, CEO, Lockheed Skunk Works.” Larry went on to say, “It is being covered up, but, probably not for the reasons you might think. Within the intelligence communities they have something they call Ace in the hole technology. So secret, you’d look at one of these guys, these government guys, and askem something and they’d just look right back at you and smile. They didn't talk about it to anyone in the facility, just came and observed. In November 1988 they had this classified military exhibit at Norton Air Force base. And then off in a separate section of the hangar there was this enormous curtain almost wall to wall. When everyone had gathered, they opened it up and there they were, right there, three of these so-called Alien Reproduction Vehicles. They weren’t UFOs. They were ours. FOs I guess you might say. One of the craft itself was hovering off the floor with no landing gear underneath it, nothing supporting it from above. And then when it moved outside, to see something travel across 12 miles of airspace in under a second, make a couple of right angle turns, and not make a supersonic shock-wave of any kind, no sonic boom, which I've personally witnessed on a number of occasions, I mean, it just changes your whole perspective.” There were some very good people in Government at the time, who wanted to bring the subject out, contact that would be peaceful between humans and these civilizations. But there were other people who saw the big goldmine. Consolidation of the planet’s resources, militarism, war profiteering. And the psychological warfare value. And as far as they were concerned, this would only be for the select few to ensure they would always be the planet’s energy resource, there would always be wars to profit from. Their mandate is to lie, deny, and deceive. Their mandate is full spectrum dominance. Why would an advanced species risk a planet’s confusion? Why would they stumble across our landscape being seen by everyone? Remember Gene Roddenberry's prime directive in Star Trek, not to interfere with other evolving species, only observe, assess. Of course Star Trek is only fictional but the basis for the prime directive would have to be sound for an enlightened and advanced species. It would be of no benefit to them to be revealed. We have this wonderful technology, technology that would change the world. Everyone could get clean water, grow their own food, be warm, survive. So when we ask, where is our infinite free energy, we have to be ashamed to say we already know the answer. What follows is what can only be described as a revelation of evil for humankind to behold. Behold it well because this is what we have to overcome. Because infinite free energy is locked in the same drawer as everything else and all the while, 3.1 million children die every year from poisoned water, malnutrition and disease. That’s 60,000 every single day. How simple it would be to allow them to live. But how threatening it would be to someone else’s bottom line. Big business, the money. Specifically big business that is involved with this technology. They are the status quo, the way it is now. Money buys Governments and Governments pay for Secret Access Projects, whether they know it or not. And if they shared what they had, they’d be redundant. Every method we humans currently have of generating energy would be redundant. There would be no need to rip and dig and pollute the Earth any more. And this terrifies the people who run things or who have vested interests in running things, hoarding their bounty, drip-feeding it to us in tiny increments. It’s worth sacrificing 60,000 children a day and all the other things. We could change transportation in an instant. The way we build homes would be completely different. The way we run our lives would be completely different. And all the hundreds of trillions of dollars of assets that are in coal, natural gas, uranium, nuclear power, public utilities, they're all obsolete. People might say, "Well, doesn't that mean the secrecy's been a good thing?" But that would be like saying, we should have never come out with the automobile because the horse and cart manufacturers would have gone out of business. Or come out with computers because typewriter companies didn't get ahead of the curve. We should be at least a hundred years ahead of where we are right now. And there are still classified files on this issue from a hundred years ago, still classified ! And for the same reasons, because the economic order of fossil fuels, petrodollar, a handful of the industrial elites and corporations would be completely transformed. But the folks who actually call the shots in the multi-trillion dollar global economy, they don't want to see that happen. They know that if that power was exposed to the average person, we wouldn't need them anymore. Obsolete. You can see why they don’t want it. The longer they keep it to themselves, the more money they make and the more power the black ops agencies they sponsor have. So let’s have a closer look at those dark shady forces. They are ruthless in their secrecy. And they consider nobody immune to removal if they suggest a threat to that secret. One ex-CIA witness said, “I get a visit from one of Bill Clinton's good friends to my home, who says, ‘They love what you're recommending, that the President do executive orders to declassify and bring all this information out. This man comes to my house and says, ‘They really think that's a great idea but the president won't do it, it's too dangerous. And I said, ‘Well, he's the president. If he didn't want to be president, he shouldn't have taken on the responsibility and sworn an oath to the constitution.’ And he says, ‘Yeah, but you understand, they don't think that they can protect the president.’ And I said, ‘What do you mean? And he's sitting at the dinner table with my children. And he says, ‘Well, they are concerned that President Clinton will end up like Jack Kennedy.’ And I started laughing. I really... I mean, I really started laughing out loud, because I felt this is nonsense, this is like conspiracy kookville. He says, ‘No, this is absolutely their concern. If he pushes on this, he is in mortal peril.’” Kennedy may have been engaged in a struggle with the CIA in attempting to get more information on the UFO subject and that might have accounted for his termination. Gene Tremens was Presidential aide to JF Kennedy. “And that morning in two of the English speaking newspapers, there was a picture of two UFOs. So I had placed those on his table where he was going to be sitting, and I said, ‘Good morning, Mr. President.’ I sat him down and asked him if he’d like to have coffee and juice, and he said, ‘Yes.’ So while I was getting that he's looking at the papers, I came back in. President Kennedy says, ‘What do you think?’ I looked at him, I looked down at the picture and I said, ‘Well, sir, what do you think?’ And with that magnificent grin of his, he said, ‘I asked you first.’ I said, ‘From what I've learned, we can't be the only living beings in God's creation.’ He says, ‘You're right, young man. There is considerable knowledge as far as the actual being of UFO and ET phenomena that we're aware of today.’” These are the people, some would say the evil in this world, that have to change if we are to become that enlightened species. These are the people who kill presidents to stop the secret coming out. Do anything to retain their wealth and status. These are the people that prevent us improving as a species, staying alive and flourishing. Until then, you and me and all of us are being taken down a path of ignorance, a path not of our own making. Victims of the ultimate false flag. This is our enemy. And they’ve been doing it for a very long time. Nicola Tesla was a Serbian physicist. Born in 1856, his technology was potentially so advanced, it would have jumped us to a place that still eludes us today. So called empty space isn’t empty at all. It’s actually full of energy. So instead of being like a quiet empty lake, it’s more like the froth at the base of a waterfall. The amount of energy in a cubic metre of spacetime was 10 to the 26th power, so 10 with 26 zeros after it, joules per cubic metre. And that’s enough energy, even in a coffee cup, to boil all the oceans of the world away into steam. Tesla’s advanced theoretical work was ignored, then ridiculed. When he died in 1943 in the New Yorker hotel, his papers were stolen by the government, and that was the last anyone saw of them. Tesla himself was discredited as a mad scientist when he said there had been an extraterrestrial presense on Earth for millennia and that he had received communications from them. Ridiculed, discredited and his genius stolen and locked away from the world. Whether Tesla had been given technology by an alien species or not, a massive advance for humankind was covered up. Those vested interests already ran things. And nothing has changed. Have no doubt they’re covering all the bases, leaving no stone unturned. When they found out that Tesla had passed away in his hotel, they came in, they had the manager of the hotel open the safe, and they took all of Tesla's papers. A century of artificial scarcity has produced a destabilized, dehumanized, war-torn world where the power and wealth have been transferred more completely than ever before from the many to the hands of the few. And you can’t imagine how many of the breakthroughs in the past have been deliberately suppressed. There are 5,135 patents that have been confiscated under national security seizures. This is what happened to a lot of the huge breakthrough technologies like Stan Meyer, who had a car running on water. Stan Meyer had a donut-shaped object that put out many times more energy than you had to put into it because it was tapping into a zero point quantum vacuum energy field. As soon as national security got wind of it, they all spat their coffee out and before it even got it to patent, it was seized and shut down. Most of these inventors thought the world would beat a path to their door, and it would have. Unfortunately, Murder Incorporated beat a path to their door first. We do not inhabit a democracy when all the while clandestine operations are going on without permission or oversight. Clandestine operations designed to keep information from us, distract us and divert us. All UFO related files have to be declassified and the world be allowed to learn the truth, and further still, that the technology acquired from UFOs be made immediately available. Not the technology for planet-splitting weaponry. That would raise understandable security concerns. Not even faster-than-light-speed travel or time travel. But definitely the technology that we do already have up and running because it was what brought them here. The technology acquired, the fruits of labours funded by you and me, the taxpayer have to be released to the world. Everyone would have abundant, clean water. Everyone could grow food, everyone could survive. More than survive. Thrive and excel. The 60,000 children who die every single day need not die. Tesla said there is enough energy in one cubic metre of dark matter to power a city indefinitely. Is this how the aliens did it? So, if we don’t reverse this full spectrum dominance, we will be little more than ignorant participants in a matrix scenario. Exposing those dark shady forces and their projects is the only way to get what we’ve already bought and paid for into the public domain, re-establish democracy and legal oversight, save lives. Giving everybody the right to do more than just survive. They can keep their deep space travel secrets if they like. Scientists can do that better than we can anyway. They can even deny where it came from. Some physics genius in Omaha. Why not? But we know they won’t. So, once again here is our enemy. And our enemy is in the habit of getting rid of those that oppose them. Misinformation is one thing but Murder Incorporated is indeed just round the corner. These are the people we need to overcome to move to the next level of our collective consciousness. So what chance do we have against them? Part 3 > The Global Mind We’ve identified the truth, that aliens have been to earth and are probably still here. We’ve identified the life-saving technology and we’ve identified the enemy, a giant and powerful enemy. Someone who might just be listening to you right now. How do you even stay hidden from such a power, let alone attack them? This is the point you’d be going to war with people who are made of war. But before we ask ourselves “How can people be like this? Refuse life to children so they can stay rich longer, get more control?” let’s take a moment to analyse them. After all, they’re humans just like you and me. How does it get to a point in a species where we stop caring about our children? How many of the children who die might grow up to be a new Tesla, a new Einstein, a new Gandhi or a new Mandela? They might be born but never grow up to lay their influence on the world. And the fact is none of it needs to happen. Surely it’s a self-defeating position. Surely we should aspire to be the best our species can become. We are all humans and we’re all genetically predisposed to natural selection, the rules of why we’re here. We compete for more and we do it mercilessly. Are they not simply following their programming? Game theory suggests there have to be winners and losers, competition. Otherwise, they say, what would be the essence of life? Maybe they’re right but if so, it would appear the human genetic structure does not predispose us to enlightenment. Many a prophet, poet and song have called for the sort of peace that can only come from being at one with others, a sort of sharing and kindness gene rather than competition and its hideous wars. Replacing the essential drive to compete with something more enlightened is unimaginable today as we stride and scrap our way to better things, to keep our children safe. But as we do, we lose sight of other people’s children and the enormous potential in all of them. And maybe that’s the rub of it. Maybe we’re not up to it. Maybe we’re not ready. Well, I would have to say we are ready. There are more of us than them and we are up to it. And we do not advocate our enemy being the measure of human intent to the universe. But the enemy is too big, they’ve got too much money, resources, manpower and technology. You cannot go head to head. You have to go round the back, dig a tunnel or two underneath them. You have to secure the information yourself. They’re not going to give it to you. I’m not talking about physical tunnels. I’m talking about so many tunnels it has to collapse. And now, I’m heading into territory where traitors and heroes live side by side. Yes, you are treasonous if treason is opposing evil, unelected and unaccountable gangs of liars and murderers. Yes, you are treasonous if treason is opposing those that want the few to flourish while the rest of the world withers away to inconsequence, never getting a chance to be who we can be. Here are a few short ideas to kick us off. But please join us. Add your ideas, your skills. And do think about donating to our target charity. Think Twice - An orphanage set up for children during the civil war in Guatemala for children living in extreme poverty. Located in the jungles along the impoverished riverbanks of the Rio Dulce. Plan of Attack 1 - Global Mind Personally I love books and movies about hackers. Young people, some little more than kids, hacking into organisations, not to get rich, but to make something better. If a bank is foreclosing on an orphanage, whether they know it or not, get someone else who has more money than biscuits to pay their mortgage. These young folks know who they are. They’re the sort of folks who count smiles and give them back with interest. The hacker community isn’t just there to change their grades. It cares deeply and it’s got skills. Where there are good people and good skills, things get better. It needs unifying in this effort, it needs plans to form. Remove a blessing from the cage of evil and bestow it on the world. Build a united voice and fund it, lobbying wont work, the government we see on the news isn’t controlling it, they’re only blindly administering it. Dig it all out. Disclose everything. Share everything. Edward Snowden has been branded a traitor because he disclosed information of NSA mass surveillance programmes. He says “I don't want to live in a world where everything I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity and love or friendship is recorded.” Where Edward Snowden made his mistake was by disclosing secrets, no matter how inappropriate it might have been what was going on, secrets that were being managed legally that the President and Congress and the intelligence communities knew about. So it was illegal and he was branded a traitor. On the other hand, there's secrecy that is illegal. And these are the unacknowledged special access projects. These are what we’re talking about here. In principal, I can’t imagine anyone disagreeing with what he did, however much the government shouts about national security, words that seem to give them absolute immunity. Intrusion on the scale he revealed is a matter of everyone’s security. Everyone has the right to know about it and to oppose it. Get everyone working on it. We’re at war. Humans work miracles in times of war and hardship. Apply the best brains on the planet and come up with a way to beat them, pull us back from the brink. Young people today have just a little more than we had, certainly more than our parents had. There's more of a moral awareness, and just enough naughtiness left in them during their upbringing to want to do something about it. I guess after all, it’s their generation that’s seeing kids their own age dying for want of a cup of clean water, it’s their generation who could witness the horrors of what we’ve created. Well, it’s their time to shine. Having created other humans, I have to say, I can see the potential. If the universe is truly good, if we just do it, we will succeed. We might just take our world back. Plan of Attack 2 - Establish our own communication One of the goals of the global mind should be to deduce how we communicate with our visitors. There are people here right now who have theories on how to do that. It’s not about getting messages across the galaxy. They’re here. Find them. What signs can we leave in which locations? How can we stimulate a dialogue? It’s likely that they know very well about (Dr Greer and the disclosure project and) all our other dissenting behaviour. Maybe they don’t care. Maybe they just came to observe, see how we’d progressed since last they came, make sure we don’t go and destroy ourselves. They did suddenly start showing a great interest in us, initially at Roswell in 1947 and most everyone has heard about that. But here’s a fun fact you may not be aware of. Shortly after the detonation of the first atomic weapons, the first nuclear armed squadron in the world was formed. And where was it based? Roswell, New Mexico. UFOs suddenly showing up in Roswell? Coincidence? Doubtful. Roswell was not the beginning. It was a turning point. Those nuclear bombs certainly got noticed on Earth. But the gamma rays emitted by a nuclear explosion got noticed elsewhere. Someone out there said “What the heck was that? They’ve never done that before.” Suddenly our visitors realised we weren’t the horse and cart primitives we were last time they checked in on us. We’d changed. We were dangerous. And what’s worse, we were unstable. And it was their fault. First in 1937 in Germany and then in 1947 in Roswell. They had to have another look. So, when they got here, how did they deal with us, this latest species capable of deleting itself from history? We are the odds they would have been dealing with our dark shady forces, the very people we count as our enemy. Maybe they want something from us. It could be for us to agree not to use nukes in space, maybe they need a resource. Are they trading this accord for technology millenia ahead of our own? Technology the elite can hoard and hold over us? Are the aliens in league with our enemy? The odds are actually, “No.” A race capable of such feats of technology, so much more advanced, so much more enlightened, would not be the same mindless hoarders we are, slaves to the same animalistic brutality of natural selection and nothing more. They would have the notion of the sanctity of life, the notion of harmony. They would have an enlightenment. Perhaps one of our trades with them is they never get involved with us, the masses. Do not get in tune with the masses and what we’re thinking. And that means it’s worth a shot. Make a case. That’s all we can do. Point out that saving millions of lives can be done with a carefully managed economic introduction to the technology, and we can still prosper, maybe even uphold the deal we have with the aliens if that deal is remotely palatable. We have to present a logic that such a race has to subscribe to or they would be rather disappointing aliens. Maybe they know this but their own brand of Roddenberry’s “prime directive” prohibits it. My brain is not capable of conjuring such a solution but there are many out there that will be. Plan of Attack 3 - Gene Therapy People with Autism are known to show very little or no empathy towards other people. For all the potential they have, this separates them from the rest of humanity. Oxytocin is a hormone that allows us to empathise. They call it the love hormone. It ensures a mother’s feeling for her child, the inherent hard-wired imperative to keep her child safe at all costs. It’s well known that people with autism show far lower levels of oxytocin. Samples taken from some of the most cold blooded sociopaths also showed lower levels of oxytocin. Could our ruling elite also be critically short of oxytocin? If natural selection has taken us down this road, could the hoarders and the murderers be changed, given the empathy to love? Would their frowns soften and their bodies tingle as the enlightenment swept over them. Would they set in motion a new age of compassion over all things? Should we develop a black underground project to insert oxytocin into everything they consume, change them into what they could be, what humanity aspires to be? Doubtful. Plan of Attack 4 - What if? Assuming our quest for a blanket dosing of oxytocin fails, what if, by the power of a quiet but intent global community working to reveal the light, what if we learn the secret, the alien technology that powered their spacecraft, energy. And what if it was simple, abundant, freely available? What if we now had the power to make things better? In Sci-Fi Thriller, Amy's Square, Abe faces a dilemma. He has secured a free infinite power source. Does he make a ton of cash, just another corporate hoarder, latest subscriber to Murder Incorporated, or does he press the button and give it to everyone for free? The power source in question was more supernatural than technological but nonetheless, the question remains. What would you do with it? Would you tell the power companies if they don’t implement the technology globally, a chance to do the right thing, a chance to keep the economy stable, you’ll release the technology online for all to see? Or would you consider any dialogue with the enemy fruitless, serving only to paint a big red target on your back and release it to everyone anyway? Their puppets in government and Murder Inc. would be right around the corner. Are you ready for it? I can think of 60,000 reasons every day.

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