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Marketing and Promotion

This is where we will structure your Marketing, Advertising, Reviews, your Pitch out to Agents and Publishers, your Author Website and Promotional Videos

Let's not overlook what you've achieved. You've done an awful lot of hard work work to get to this point and now, you are now a published Author. People are reading your book and liking it. Let's spare a second or two to give you a big fat slap on the back.

Here, we move you onto the next stage. Getting the wider world to give your work a good close look. This includes Publicity, Marketing and Promotion, Social Media, Review Currency, Pitching out to Agents and Publishers, making you and Author Website and maybe even a Promotional Video.

And, as you might imagine, there are many ways to do this and a healthy blend of each of them is the way to go.


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First of all, let's let the media know about you and your new book from News Media to Newsletters to Bookshops.

Press Releases

We will work with you to draft the industry-standard Press Release for your book. We have a template and soon we will have a compelling message to the Press. We will then syndicate your release worldwide.


We will syndicate the press release globally to multiple international channels.



Promotion Consultant 

As with our Publishing Services, the first thing we do is assign you a bespoke Promotion Consultant, someone who can coordinate various elements from the Design, Publishing and Promotions teams to reach a defined plan of attack based on your budget.

Marketing Collateral

Our design team will have created various graphics for all manner of purposes (if you took that service) or, if not, we can provide all of this. Here, we incorporate design with selling and form various items of collateral for uses across all media.


We advise on your Ad spend on Google, Amazon and a few others. We gather figures associated with your book's details and that gives us a path to Keywords and other key ingredients.

Social Funnel

We will place social media banners ads on the main social media sites and recommend any ad spend you might engage. This will all link back into your unified sales funnel.


Feedback, ARCs and Reviews

You know you love your book. Your editor loves it too.

What will everyone else think? Prior to Publication, we will have already asked Reviewers to comment on your book so you can tweak it where required and it can publish with some good early stars.

Reviews are the currency of book sales. They get you up the Amazon rankings. They give you access to promo opportunities you wouldn't get otherwise. Reviews prior to Publication are one thing but Reviews post Publication are are a constant and vital task for anyone who doesn't yet have critical mass with customers on Amazon.

Are you Nervous?

You've had feedback before on your book but this is where it counts. Reader Reviews of a Live Publication. No going back.

Spade Work

We will have discussed advanced feedback prior to Publication so you can hit the ground running with reader reviews as soon as you publish. Now let's keep going.


Reviews on Amazon are currency. The more you get, the more people will take a chance and read your book. It also buys you into promotional slots.

Five Star Reviews

And make sure you  remember the moment you got your first five stars.


Pitching Traditional

Agents and Publishers

The Offworld Literary Submission System (OLS)


If your book is ready to Self Publish, let's see what Agents think now? I know, you've probably tried that before with your Manuscript but did you cover the market fully? Did you make sure you sent it only to those Agents who said they like stuff like that? It took a fair while to get all  the rejection

letters but not this time !

Let OLS prepare the right approach and pitch out to 100s of Agents for you. ​ Our Pitches will be exactly what they need in exactly their required format. And all their replies and your eventual publishing

deal will come directly to you.

Manuscript Formatting

We will format the Author’s manuscript for submission. Typical examples of submission guidelines are to receive a query letter and the first three chapters or just a synopsis and the first chapter. Some ask for the full manuscript. Submissions can be as attachments in various formats or in the email body.

The Pitch

We will submit your book to 100s of agents and publishers interested in your genre. We can also field first responses if you prefer, gather and analyse feedback.

The List

​We have a very special little gizmo gadget thing, formatted to send your manuscript to 100s of agents exactly as they want it.

Purchase the Offworld list of agents and publishers and all respective submission formats. This is a codified list which allows you to easily select the agent's requirements from a drop down and send your submissions to multiple recipients.


Author Website

As a Self-Publisher, you need a website, maybe you also need to take payments for your book sales and other writing. 

We can give you that Presence.

First off...

This doesn't need to be complicated !

Design and Code

Offworld Designers work hand-in-hand with Offworld Coders to produce exactly what an Author's website should be, a focal point for who you are and what you're up to.


Your website and social profile is what people know about you and your work. Talk to your readers, share passions, learn and even teach.


Depending on what you want your website to achieve, we can engage in all of the on-page and off-page optimisation and make sure your site is in top shape to get found on Google and elsewhere. 


Promo Videos and Podcasts

We make promo videos for our clients for book and screenplay marketing purposes


An effective representation of your story in video format, with the right music and graphics, helps to get the mood of your story across.


Providing a visual presentation unlocks so many ways you can get your idea across, why people should read it, what it offers, all about the Author. We will make a 2-3 minute promo video for your book or screenplay to accompany it's journey to market. 

Radio Podcasts

On the Video, you'll be speaking about the book, your inspiration, learning and conclusion to the experience. This is of course also an Audio Track so we can make a Podcast, which can be published under your own name but also distributed across a network of podcast stations. As with the Video, it can be essential marketing collateral for any news agencies or mainstream media to use in their pieces.


We normally use stock music at little or no cost to you, but if you'd like an original score to your video, we can do that for you too.

What we do for you

And that's it ! You're a Published Author !

Offworld will take you through any and all of these stages so you don't have to, from Edited Manuscript to Global Distribution in a few short weeks.

Calling all Freelancers

Are you a Writer, Editor, Designer, Publisher or Marketer?

Maybe you even write Screenplays or make Movies.

If you could use a bit of work doing what we do for our Clients and you're interested in getting some freelance work doing what you do best, we're always looking to expand our roster so here's the place.

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