Specialist (Economy)  

All interviews will start with the interviewer asking the following:


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Who do you think really runs things? holds the real power in the world?

Suggestion: Money.


So are the rich getting richer. What percentage is owned by the few? And how does that compare to 100 years ago

Suggestion: The wealthiest 1 percent of American households own 40 percent of the country's wealth compared to 10% in 1920


Have you heard of the Illuminati, Freemasons, Bildeberg etc - what do you know of them?

Suggestion: Maybe. 


If you knew you were going to learn a truth that would change everything, how keen would you be to learn it?



What scares you most about the world today



If there was something that affected you and everyone you know, and you weren’t being told about it, you’d wanna know right?



And what’s that worth economically?

Suggestion: In 2010, expenditures on energy totaled over US$6 trillion, or about 10% of the world gross domestic product (GDP)


So what would the world look like if there was abundant free energy?



In any competitive environment, politics, business…if you get an advantage, even if it’s questionable, you go for it, right? Because you know your competition will. 



What would happen if we suddenly had no access to any fossil fuels?



What is a market economy?



What is the capitalist principle of ownership?



So when automation and other new technology arrived, and its job losses, what happened?



Who are the losers in the economic equation? 



But it’s not a globally unified economy is it when China charges a penny for something we charge a dollar for but pays its workers a dollar a day.



What are repercussions of being caught manipulating the markets or insider trading?



How easy is it to manipulate the market, manipulate opinion?


Do you think it's possible to ensure that extreme events like crashes occur to redistribute wealth from bottom to top? To effectively weaponise the economy?