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What would a world look like if there was abundant free energy



You'll be aware of Nicola Tesla? What can you say about him and his advances in energy technology?

Suggestion: Tesla had a photographic memory and spoke 8 languages. He came up with inventions in wireless energy transmission and wireless communications. Some of the patents belonging to Marconi, who Tesla had maintained stole his idea, were posthumously removed from Marconi and awarded to Tesla. Tesla had eccentricities which people he knew attributed as the bi-product of genius but  once, when he observed unusual signals from his receiver, he speculated it was communications from another planet. With a degree of naiveté, he told this to a reporter and the next thing he knew the world thought he was communicating with people from Mars and his credibility took a hit. 

So what can you say about Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity?

Suggestion: We’ve already mentioned his work in wireless energy and communications but his last and most grandiose of theories covered his "dynamic theory of gravity," which he said had the potential to generate almost free power for the world. When he died in 1943, his papers were seized by the government and this dynamic theory never saw the light of day.

And when he died in 1943, his papers were seized by the government and this dynamic theory never saw the light of day. Maybe that's why one can't find anything about his theory?


It's certainly long enough to see his theories released under freedom of information legislation, but are you convinced that the vested and controlling interests in the world would allow that release?


So, do you think its possible that there is advanced energy technology, dynamic theory or other things,  that we don’t know about, and that technology might replace all other forms of energy in an instant?

Suggestion: Yes I do.  Nuclear. Something like dark matter for instance. There is more energy in a cubic metre of dark matter than humans have ever used. And a coffee cup of it could boil all the oceans away into steam.  

The number of patents seized under national security nonsense is incredible. Thousands. Many of these were game-changing technologies. if its the next great leap it has to be something that is so efficient, so cheap or even freely available to make it a total game-changer

So who do think might be responsible for keeping nuclear technology from wider use, and a very clean energy?

Suggestion: Oil and Gas

And the bad PR of radioactive danger has been proven safe by the nuclear plants. So the PR war is being won by oil and gas?


So what they're really trying to say is if we had access to clean nuclear energy, everyone including the 3rd world would have everything they need to become self-sufficient?



Withe regard to the Drake equation or any other data, how many other civilisations might there be out there?

Suggestion: The Drake equation states there may also be as many as 15,000 civilisations in our own galaxy with the technology to broadcast their existence into space, like we do?  


And our own galaxy is just one in maybe 2 trillion galaxies in the universe  


And that's only in the universe we can see so far.   


Light hasn't reached us from the rest of it. 


So, whether its evolution or panspermia that's seeded planet earth, we certainly haven't found anything that could sustain our life on those planets. But if we keep searching further and further, how advanced could the aliens be?

Suggestion: If they can get here from a place we can barely see and have the technology they do, they could be thousands of years ahead of us. And that could have been thousands of years ago. 


If there are species out there that are millions of years ahead of us, we may never detect any sign of them. 

So there's a lot of lay-speculation that dark matter and dark energy might have some magic energy bullet. How realistic is that? 


So if we did find a civilisation far far away which was so much more advanced than we are, and lets go further and say they travel in space, maybe even to earth, what energy source, from all the universe has to offer, do you think that spacecraft might use?


So do you believe that ancient technology was alien technology and that's the hieroglyphics we see?

Answer: Book. Atlantis. 

The atom bomb was developed based on the premise that there is an enormous amount of energy wrapped up in any mass. How big could such bombs get in theory?


So thats where the negative PR comes from. People can't imagine it ever being safe even though it can be made safe. Again the PR war goes to oil and gas. The same thing happened with CERN, the large hadron collider and the worry we would create a tiny black hole that would suck us and the earth and everything into it. What do you feel about that?


So, we've talked about advanced technology from a bygone age, nuclear energy we have now being so much better and should be used more widely. We seem to be saying that, wherever it comes from, there is a far better, safer and far cleaner energy already with us, and not being used?


So potentially, the future might be bright (excuse the pun). I mean, it might not be individual self-sufficient energy, but we could have a global power grid would allow literally everyone to grow food and purify their water at almost zero cost. You cans see why that might piss off the current power base? 


So, it's just a matter of time. When oil and gas runs out, they will have to bring it on line. The trick is to bring it online before millions more people die needlessly?


So perhaps given the human rights issues in China, they might be less bothered about pioneering what's really possible with nuclear energy. Maybe China will be the test bed for the technology now because they have no vested interest in oil and gas.