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Episode 2 - An Unfortunate Symbiosis


Healthcare. What we’ve just witnessed with Covid follows standard practice in pharmaceutical companies. They do it all the time but Covid was a doozie. 

Note: In the 2 years of Covid-19, $37 Trillion has been wiped off the collective wealth of the lower sections of society and $39 trillion has been added to the wealth of the elite class.

Episode 1 - Decoding the Enemy


"Decoding the Enemy" shows how the real power and control in the world has nothing to do with any democratic process.

And how the people with that money and power allow the earth to suffer, allow millions of children to die every year from a lack of clean, drinkable water and all the while, keeping incredible new technology from us. Technology that would solve everything.


We talk to professors, researchers, authors and other professionals, who study the type of person that could behave like this, the type of person who doesn't care about their own grandchildren.

And we talk to the kids today and ask them how they think we're doing, what they might be left to deal with when they're older. 

But more disturbing than all of that, we'll be revealing the potential for the greatest evil ever to be forced onto humankind. 

And the people who have already done it and are planning more of it. 

Whats next?

A new war and a new enemy to fear?

A viral pandemic?


Episode 3 - A Deliberate Genocide


The Environment. The reasons why we do nothing about

making 2050 a time worth living in for our kids.


Episode 4 - Weaponized

The Economy. How it’s beautifully rigged to enrich the rich and impoverish the poor.


Episode 5 - A More Precise Number

Technology. The tools by which we’re captured, surveyed and manipulated.


Episode 6 - The Switch

Energy. The root of it all. With a cheap abundant energy source, everything would change. The thing is, we’ve had that technology for a while. So where is it?


Episode 7 - Original Sin

Religion was the first to exercise control over populations by using fear but it also foretold a time where evil people would run the world by making a deal with the Devil and subjecting humankind to the most desperate of horrors. Now, the fundamental message of enlightened texts has never been more relevant. 


Episode 8 - Where's Lucy?

Women have been subjugated and kept quiet since humans fell out of trees and couldn’t get back up them. It’s an animal thing. The reasons why the evil fears women.


Episode 9 - The Ultimate Illusion

We’ve been seeing UFOs and Aliens for a very long time. Religious texts from long before the Bible wrote of it, and some would say, came into being because of it.  Yes, aliens are here, and by accident or design, we have an awful lot of their technology. How do you reach Earth from light-years away? Energy and Propulsion technologies most of us couldn’t imagine. But find out what they're really doing with it.


Episode 10 - Futures

Unstoppable is about the children. This moment in time is for us to make sure our kids have a free future. And to do that, we need to WAKE UP and do something. Perhaps they will be OK without us. Perhaps they have already evolved to be awake and do something.


Get in touch if you wish to distribute or co-produce Unstoppable or just chat. And thanks for having a look.

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