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About Offworld

Offworld is based in London and Valencia. We have 100s of years of top level experience ready to unleash itself on your project. Ghostwriting to Editing and Proofreading to Book Production and Publishing, Marketing and the Big Screen.

We've grown to a roster of 137 professionals in 3 years. The immense talent we have here at Offworld is at your disposal. Our Ghostwriters, Editors, Designers, Publishers and Marketers cater for the world we live in today. They are multi-lingual and versatile with a research ethic and attention to detail that almost rivals their raw creativity.


Hey, I'm Sally from New York. I used to work at Macmillans and I'm a Developmental Editor at Offworld. There's are so many great stories coming into the room, I love tweaking them to make great Novels.

I'm Tess from London. I'm a Graphic Designer. I've worked on TV Commercials, Websites, Videos and Book Covers. I came to Offworld three years ago and there's barely even a minute for a coffee. They're all mad but super, super talented. 


I'm Christian. I live in Valencia, Spain. I head up the Marketing team here at Offworld. I'm also an HTML Coder. The thing I love most about being here is learning. Astrid and the girls make sure there's something new every day. 

We have true superstars at your disposal including authors and co-authors of Hollywood Blockbuster screenplays including one writer, who was instrumental in bringing the more recent Star Wars movies to our screens.

Our Editors all come from a publishing background. They know what publishers want so they'll help you create that. They have a huge collective experience in Developmental, Substantive, Structural, Line and Copy Editing and Proofreading.

So, if you want a project completed on time, on budget with considerable panache, look no further. Offworld has exactly who you need to make it all very real.

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