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We will draft an Industry-Standard Press Release for your book. We will develop a compelling message to the Press and Syndicate your Release Worldwide.

Heads Up

Let the media know about you and your new book.
Sing it from the rooftops.
Publicity really is, in its simplest form, “you scratch their back, they scratch yours.” If you, the Author have a compelling story, Editors will want to hear about it and so "plug" your book.
There are thousands of global news resources that want to hear about and routinely publicise new book releases. If they see a compelling story in the book itself or the story about you creating the book, they will want to explore it further. 
Maybe your story touches a few nerves, has a special message, rights a wrong. Think about you would want to talk about in an interview. What your story speaks to you about and what it wants to speak to the world about. 
Editors and producers really do need and want you. Without book publicists and self-promoting authors, their jobs would be much harder. They want to hear your story so let's make it a good one.
The Press Release that we draft will include compelling elements about your book of course but mainly about you. Why you wrote it, what you learned. Something that grabs an Editor and encourages him to share. We will draft a press release that you approve and syndicate it globally to multiple international channels.
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