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Create. Publish. Sell

Tools and Services for Authors and Publishers

to take you all the way down the track to

Publishing and Selling your Books.


All-in-One Publishing Offer

Get it Made and Get it Out There. Your Book, Designed, Printed, Published and Distributed to 40,000 Retailers and Distributors Worldwide. From Manuscript to Market quicker than the shake of a lamb's tail.


Producing and Publishing a book takes time. You need to know several specialised applications and there are hidden hurdles along the way. Save that time and leave it all to people who do it all the time. Manuscript to Market. Design and Production. Publishing and Distribution. All-in-One.


All-in-One includes...



Creative Book Cover and Internal Designs for Publication, Advertising, Promotion and Marketing.


ISBN Registration

ISBNs are your book's serial numbers. We will obtain ISBN numbers so sales and rights can be tracked globally.


Copyright Protection

Never underestimate the importance of securing your own work in your own name. With Legal Copyright Protection, you put your flag in the sand and will be able to challenge plagiarism or any other infringements.


Book Production

We can Make it, Record it and Package it. Our Production Process pulls it all together to get your book turned

into a beautiful eBook, Paperback,

Hardback or Audiobook.


Publishing and Distribution

Time to get it out there. We will Publish and Distribute your eBook, Paperback, Hardback and even an Audiobook to all the major retailers and syndicate its distribution worldwide.

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