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Offworld Editors

Offworld Book Editing Services has been editing books for hundreds of years. 


Get your manuscript checked and make sure it has what a reader wants.

A full Developmental Edit and Proofread is the key to having a finished work. Something you’re proud of, something that will have a well-deserved place as a published work.

Does your plot stand up to what the market wants? Are there gaps or anomalies in your plot? Does it get sticky or slow? Would people keep going or put it down? Would they look forward to coming back to it?


Manuscript Editing provides you with a proof of concept, pointing out any flaws in the plot. We will proofread it and tell you how the book reads. Our editors will provide all you need to create a market-ready product.

Essential Developmental Editing

Key elements to our Developmental Editing Service.

Courtesy Critique

First of all, we'd like to offer you a Free Courtesy Critique. A Mini Developmental Edit of the first three chapters of your Book.

Book Shaping Edit and Critique

Concept Evaluation, Plot and Flow Analyses. No loose ends. Most of our editors are authors themselves. Some used to work with publishers. They know what you need from both sides

Highlighted Comments

Comments are incorporated into the script, highlighting those areas that might need your work and attention going forward

Book Flop Re-Launch

You've published your book but nothing's happening. Let us shape it, polish and perfect it across all areas and re-launch it and ensure your book’s history is not repeated. Hire a Novel Editor and ensure your book is the best it can be.


Offworld Professional Book Proofreading Services will conduct a full Proofread, illustrating any spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. And no, spellcheckers aren't perfect.

English as a Second Language

If English is not your first language, we can edit and proofread your work so you sound like a native speaker.


If you need to have your journal article, dissertation, or term paper proofread, or need help with an admissions essay or proposal, our Academic Proofreading Services is here to help..


If you have a novel, manuscript, screenplay, or ebook, make sure it's 100% right before you publish or approach Agents.

Business or Corporate

Proofreading for your white papers, reports, manuals, speeches, press releases, marketing materials, and other business documents.


Do you want to sound professional and get hired. Do you have a resume, letter, email, or personal document that you need to have proofread?

The Offworld Editorial team will get your manuscript proven and publishable.

What we do for you

Calling all Freelancers

Are you a Writer, Editor, Designer, Publisher or Marketer? Maybe you even write Screenplays or make Movies.

If you could use a bit of work doing what we do for our Clients and you're interested in getting some freelance work doing what you do best, we're always looking to expand our roster so here's the place.

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