Our Ghostwriters will Write your Story.

Our Editors will Edit your Manuscript.

Our Designers will Create its Visual Essence. 


It costs money to create your book.

Get everything together to go for funding.

We'll get your Proposal done and pitch it out

to relevant funding sources.


Your idea can become a fully marketable book in a matter of a few short months. We'll take your idea from a few pieces of paper in a drawer somewhere to a fully fleshed-out market-ready written work and all rights remain with you.

Editing and Proofing

Developmental Editing provides you with a proof of concept, a plot and character analysis and will point out any flaws in the script. We will proofread it and tell you how the book reads. Our editors will provide all you need

to create a market-ready product


Creative Book Cover and Internal Designs for Publication, Advertising, Promotion and Marketing.

White Labelling

Expand your Brand. Set up a Private Label for your organisation. Offworld, we can white label every
aspect of the publishing journey.Our business model is designed to fast-track authors along the path to profitability.