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Publishing and Selling your Books.


Your Book Sent to 1000s of Agents

Submit your book to 1000s of Agents and Publishers with the Click of a Button. Get Published is a world-first Author's Tool developed right here at Offworld. 

Agents and Publishers all seem to want different things in their Submission Guidelines. Some want the full Manuscript and Synopsis. Others just want a correctly formatted Query Letter, an email introducing your story concept and demonstrating
you are serious about writing.
Get Published was conceived by fellow Authors, who went through the laborious agent-pitching process before they were published and wish they’d had OLS back then.
Now you can.

Agents and Publishers

Currently, we have 3000+ Agents and Publishers in our Literary Submission Database, ALL actively seeking Manuscript Submissions.
Submit your book with Get Published in under 10 minutes with the click of a button and save 100s of hours.
Agents wish all submissions could be like this. The Get Published Magic Agent Selection selects only the agents that deal with your type of book so they receive only what they ask for and replies are 100% relevant.
Your email is personal and completely bespoke to each agent. You to Them. It tells agents you’ve researched them, their genres and their submission guidelines carefully, which we have, and replies come directly to you.
Many Authors have been down ‘Submission Road’ before getting published. Now, they give that experience back to you in Get Published. They offer critical advice all through the Get Published process.
Agents are busy. Giving them everything they ask for is a great way to start your dialogue with them. Your submission will be easy to absorb and easy to follow. Agents and Publishers will see a quality product, presented in a professional way.
Use Get Published as a Central Command and Control for your books. It’s a link to all of your book files and a record of all your submissions. You can also refer to it for key information about the business of getting published.
Use Get Published to get signed up by an agent or publisher and get your book published!

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