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Portfolio for Dominic Schunker

Writer, Film Producer, Voice Actor

Articles Commercial

Articles - Commercial

Six things that will keep you alive when the world ends

Critical thinking is required for a critical scenario. Plan and prepare like your life depended on it. Because it does. This is a guide to making it. And there are one or two things that may surprise you.

Twenty Things that don't make sense in the Movies

We love the movies. Movies are awesome. It doesn’t matter if we head down to the local multiplex or curl up on the couch. They show us things that never happen to us. But here are some of the things that don't make sense in the movies.

How to drop 30 kilos in 6 months and love every minute

After one part of your life ends, there's only one thing left: Change and move forward in another direction. This is the story of one man's commitment to change and physical self-improvement.

How to keep your senior dog mobile and healthy

We love them, whichever stage of life they are. So here are a few tips on keeping them fit and happy. 

Puppy Vaccinations

Six months of your 6-year-old practicing her political (or gangster) aspirations have worn you down. It's time to go and get your new puppy. So, let's make sure the little fuzzball is happy and healthy from day one. 

Do we really need Time Travel?

Time travel opens up a dimension we never really think about. Everybody loves to dream of special powers, super-fast, super-strong, flying, telekinesis, but as special powers go, time travel takes it by a country mile. But does the natural world and now technology mean we don't actually need time travel?

Oracle of Gordonvale 

In Australia, there are plenty of opportunities to teach a person that humans sometimes are not at the top of the food chain and that life is very fragile.

The Fires of Javea

In September 2016, on the hottest day of the year, the little town of Javea in Spain caught fire. This is the story of one resident who witnessed it. 

Articles - Fiction

Articles - Fiction

Lasky Park

A life unravelling, a chance meeting in the park. One man is about to learn a life lesson he will never forget

Collision 1

Collision’s intent is to simply start a story ball rolling, a random idea, see who takes it where. Every new idea starts a new thread. Every new thread is a new dimension to the story. It could end up being a bake-off in the desert or circling the 4th moon of Kepler-69c. It might never end. In Episode 1, Zero find himself adrift in space.

Collision 2

In Episode 2, one of Zero's personalities assumes control and there are deadly consequences.


A writer takes a ghostwriting assignment and soon realises that things are not what they seem.

Ghostwriting for a Ghost



An Unfortunate Dimension

An Unfortunate Dimension is a fast-paced psychological sci-fi thriller unlike anything else. It takes the reader on a cinematic, compelling journey through dimensions, virtual reality and time.


Salvador doesn’t know how he ends up where he does from day to day. He’s been experiencing a dimensional schizophrenia, jumping into bizarre scenes across time and space.


Is the universe messing with him, interfering with his only goal, to bring his wife out of her coma before it’s too late?


All is not as it seems. The disappearance of a young girl leads Salvador to clues as to why he’s being thrown from dimension to dimension.

Machine Sense

Zak sees things change that no-one else does. His best buddy suddenly became someone he’d never met, president Garfield is now president Valdez. Something is messing up the timeline. To everybody else though its always been as it is. 


There follows a tale of nazis, reverse engineered alien spacecraft, Auschwitz experiments and alien-human hybrids with eyes that change from green to blue for no apparent reason.

Letters from Angels

Letters from Angels follows 10 years or so after Machine Sense and continues the adventures of Izzi and Manny, the wise-cracking youngsters who saved the world from time-travelling Nazis in the first instalment.


This time round they’ve roped in Baptist preacher Sam and renowned ufologist Caine to discover the origins and weaknesses of the evil Abaddon.


Is he an alien hybrid, installed for a long-planned and impending alien takeover and terraforming of Planet Earth?


Or is he the biblical antichrist, fulfilling his apocryphal destiny.

Amy's Square

The world continues to let children die every day from thirst and starvation, poisoned water and disease, and the world continues to let the Earth die.


A man, destroyed by the desertion of his wife, comes out the other side and finds a mission. It’s bold. It’s crazy. He’s not totally sure what’s at the end of it but he has to follow it. It’s a terrifying leap away from his world but it ends up being a mission to rescue the very substance of life.


From the ancient Aztecs to the Moroccan desert, Spanish highways to the remote fields of Russia, clues appear, people die and someone gets ever closer to him.


The children, the generation who must eventually find the answer, silently guide him to the truth.


And it’s a truth that will change everything.

Under the Limbo Tree

Cornwall, England, 2020. A man is shown the irony of a perfect love and the perfect reason why that love can never happen, and a young woman embarks on her own quest, which could save them both.


Cornwall, England, 1873. A young woman returns home, damaged by the isolation of a broken marriage and embarks on a journey to find trust. Then it all starts to unravel.


Tennessee, 1968. From the deep south in times of vicious racial division, a persecuted young African American woman wakes up to find she’s swapped bodies with a white supremacist but sees an opportunity to change the course of history.


And all the while, a ghost from the future jumps across time and space, appearing randomly to all of them, inadvertently linking elements to ensure a great wrong is put right and earning his own salvation.

Video Production and Post Production


Unstoppable Documentary - Episode 1 - Decoding the Enemy (US)

"Decoding the Enemy" shows how the real power and control in the world has nothing to do with any democratic process. And how the people with that money and power allow the earth to suffer, allow millions of children to die every year from a lack of clean, drinkable water and all the while, keeping incredible new technology from us. Technology that would solve everything

Unstoppable Documentary - Episode 1 - Decoding the Enemy - Trailer

"Decoding the Enemy" Trailer.

The Zero Centre (Commercial)

A pilot commercial for The Zero Centre, a Javea initiative to encourage sensible waste disposal and a more sustainable lifestyle.


In this film, we meet the people of Korogocho. We talk about the place they live, their lives and the hopes they have for their children.

The Making of Dandora Boy 

This video is about our pilot project, a slum of Nairobi, Kenya, called Korogocho. 200,000 people, squeezed into about half a square mile.

Voice Acting


Unstoppable Documentary - Episode 1 - Decoding the Enemy (UK)

Narration of the Unstoppable Documentary Pilot Episode, "Decoding the Enemy."

The Zero Centre (Commercial) - Narrator

Narration for The Zero Centre Commercial.

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