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We will take care of all the admin and registration processes, produce your eBook, Paperback, Hardback and Audiobook and publish it to Offworld, Amazon, iBooks, Google, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and dozens more.

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Time to get it made and get it out there !

There's an awful lot before and after Publication that's needed to let the world see you and your book.

​First of all you'll be assigned your own Publishing Consultant to oversee all stages of the process from Design all the way to Publishing.

So, let's get your edited Manuscript in front of the world.


Registration Numbers (ISBNs)

First of all, let's get the key admin sorted.

Offworld will need to obtain ISBN numbers (Your Book’s Unique Code) so sales and rights can be tracked globally. 


If you intend to retail eBooks and Paperback books exclusively on Amazon, Amazon will provide ISBNs for free. If you intend to create a hardback book, Amazon does not handle this so an ISBN will be required.

In your Name

All ISBNs acquired under this Service will be registered in the Author’s name. 

Random Numbers

It is not possible to choose specific ISBN numbers. They are generated by the provider.


The global provider of ISBNs operates a comprehensive discount for multiple orders.


Rights Protection

Everything we do will carry your name as the registered owner of your manuscript, your book and all publicity that follows.


There are several Rights and Sales Tracking Databases we need to register your book on and we'll do this for you, primarily with the US Copyright Office.


If anyone plagiarises your work, this registration is vital to effectively claim your property.


We will file all applications and get you over the originals. We maintain a file of all Rights Registrations on your behalf in case you mislay them.

Sales Tracking

We will ensure that the appropriate Sales Tracking is in place for your book from Retailers and 3rd Party Rights Trackers.

ISBN Numbers

We will have already secured and assigned all ISBN Numbers for your book and now, we will assign those same numbers to International Rights databases

All in your Name

Throughout all processes, at all times, you are shown as the owner of your book. If we're Ghostwriting a book or screenplay for you, we will sign a Confidentiality Agreement to that effect

Legal Witness

You can be rely on Offworld to comply with any legal requirement for us to clearly state the dates of the work we did for you and exactly what we did. This adds a second layer of proof to any claim you might have against a third party. 


Book Production

We can Make it, Translate it and Record it. Our Production Process pulls it all together to get your book turned into a beautiful eBook, Paperback, Hardback or Audiobook in a number of languages. There’s a lot that needs to go into a book. The Manuscript of course. Then there are pages for Rights, Acknowledgements, Chapter Links, Marketing pages and several more. 

This is where we Create your book in professional Typeset Print format,  various eBook formats and Audiobook. All formats will comply with Industry (and Retail) standards and you will receive your brand spanking

new book all ready to publish.


There are set components that need to be in your book in a certain order. It's vital for you book to look every bit as professional as traditional publications. We know these and will prepare a book that is market-ready.

Submission Formats

You will have quite a bit to do with your book once it's in your hands. Different people and different systems will need a variety of formats for reviews, pitches, publishing and many more. We will give you everything you need.

Fast Turnaround

We will get your finished product within 7 days of submitting source material.


Audiobooks and Translation


Audio Books are becoming more popular every day. Here at Offworld, we have the male and female voices to turn your written word into the spoken word.

We can record Audiobooks for you and produce a finished Audiobook product. Do you want a simple narration or do you want accents, characters, background music, sound effects?

If you'd like a radio-style or podcast product, we can do that for you and we can serialise and distribute your podcasts as well.


We can Translate you. Our Book Translation and Novel Translation services can take your stories to people and cultures all over the world.

If you've written your book in English, 20% of the world can understand it. Get it out to everyone else.

Only 20% of the world speaks and reads English Chinese languages are about 20%. Spanish, about 10%.

So multiply your market by translating your book and why not make more audiobooks as well? 

Ready to Publish

If you've got to here, with or without an Audiobook or versions in Mandarin and Spanish, you are Ready to Publish!


Publishing your Book

Our Book Publishers will get you the eBook, Paperback, Hardback and all the file formats (like PDF, DOCX) that make up the finished product. This is your finished product. Stroke it and love it. You're ready to sent it out into the world. 

Publish to Offworld​

If your book meets the Offworld genre, we will publish it to our site and you retain all rights.


We will set your book up on all required platforms and ensure we generate all industry-standard book and image formats.

Publishing your Book

We are book publishers and book distributors. We will Publish and Distribute your eBook, Paperback, Hardback and Audiobook book to all the major retailers and syndicate its distribution worldwide. 

And that's it ! You're a Published Author !

Offworld will take you through any and all of these stages so you don't have to, from Edited Manuscript to Global Distribution in a few short weeks.

What we do for you

Calling all Freelancers

Are you a Writer, Editor, Designer, Publisher or Marketer? Maybe you even write Screenplays or make Movies.

If you could use a bit of work doing what we do for our Clients and you're interested in getting some freelance work doing what you do best, we're always looking to expand our roster so here's the place.

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