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Publishing and Distribution

Time to get it out there. We will Publish and Distribute your eBook, Paperback, Hardback and even an Audiobook to all the major retailers and syndicate its distribution worldwide.

Are You Ready?

Your Production Team will have your Book in all the file formats that make up a finished product. Your finished product. Stroke it and love it. Your Publishing Team is about to 
send it out into the world.
We will publish your book to Amazon, iBooks, Google, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and thousands more Retailers.
We will distribute your book to hundred of distributors and Syndicate its Publication Worldwide.
Publication through Offworld is the perfect choice for an author looking for a complete, high quality, personal publishing program that leverages the expertise of publishing professionals.
Every publishing project we undertake is bespoke, tailored to the book in question.
We will set up all your distributor and retailer accounts in your name on all major platforms, including Amazon. This means you will always own all your own content.
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