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Get everything together to go for funding. 

We'll design your Project Proposal and pitch it out

to relevant funding sources.

Publishing can be costly but it can deliver a positive Return on Investment if you do it right. It's always time or money, mostly both. Take a look at how we can get you the book funding to get that idea out there and follow your dream.

Return on Investment

We can design and produce a Funding Proposal for investors and make applications to relevant Crowdfunding and Grant investors. 
We can promote your proposal on social media, seek sponsorship and we can make a Proposal Video to pique the interest of a different type of investor. 
You are free to take one or more or all services. If you find you need more, we can bolt it onto your programme.
Because our Funding Proposals are made by a professional literary services company, who may also be completing your writing or publishing project for you, it will be well-received.
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