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Fund your Book

Publishing can be costly but it can deliver a positive 

Return on Investment if you do it right

It's always time or money, mostly both. Take a look at how we can get you the book funding to get that idea out there and follow your dream.

If you’re thinking of investing money in self-publishing your book and revenue is important to you, you’ve probably thought about whether you’ll get a decent return on investment to make it all worth it. What is the cost of self publishing, the cost to publish a book.

You'll need to factor in the cumulative effect. The more books out there, the more you sell, the more review stars you get, the more traditional publishers can notice you.

But publishing a book to a professional standard can cost a bit, especially if you are considering using a ghostwriter. So you have to consider the various ways the book can pay for itself. And it's not just online and in-store book sales. There are many other ways to get that money back. Read on to find out how to fund your writing, fund your book and earn money as a writer.

Earn from Writing

Direct Book Sales

Armed with a super novel and the right approach, book sales can start to trickle in but you know this. Let's move on.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking about your book is one thing but the more your work or message gets out there, the more you will need to talk about it.

Grow your Business

Publishing a book about your business or your part in your business is almost guaranteed to elevate sales in your business, especially if you become known as an authority.

Overseas Rights

If you're published in the US and Canada only, overseas rights sales are essential to maximise sales volume.

Audiobook Format

Audiobook sales were up 35% in 2016. They are challenging ebooks as the preferred alternative to printed hard copies. 


For business-related books, the book is only the beginning. Your expertise can spawn courses, apps, For fiction books, merchandising is just as relevant as are video games and movies. You can be paid 10% of the movie's budget for the rights to make a movie of your story and producers love "based on the novel by..."

Use your Writing Experience

After a few books, a whole lot of learning and decent sales and reviews, you will be justified in considering yourself a writing expert. Not just an expert in what you're writing about, the art of writing. You can engage in a variety of jobs writing articles and ghostwriting whole books for clients, like we do here at Offworld.

Sources of Funding

So there are the many ways you can earn from your writing but how do you get funded to write it in the first place?


There are several platforms that cater for this. Maybe you have a really relevant idea for a book, maybe you even have prospective customers lined up. You just need the book written to a professional standard. 

Offworld can help you write your proposal to secure funding (e.g. Ghostwriting fees of, say $30,000). Then we can write it for you.


Because the proposal is made by a professional literary services company who will complete the project for you as well, it will be well-received. 

Publish through your Company

Accountants can be devilishly cunning. Put the cost of the project through your company and write it off as legitimate business expense.


If a person or company or industry or any group has a connection to or vested interest in your material, you could ask them to sponsor you, associate their brand with your authority status.


There are quite a few grants out there, mainly for fiction, and several book-centric grants. It's also possible to get a grant if your material carries a message such as women's pay rates or gay rights.

What we do for you

Offworld will pull together a plan for you, based on a hybrid of the above routes and specific to your material.

We will apply for grants and crowd funding as per the plan and seek sponsorship and advertising revenue for your book. 

Book a Free Consultation with a specialist or Chat right here.

Calling all Freelancers

Are you a Writer, Editor, Designer, Publisher or Marketer? Maybe you even write Screenplays or make Movies.

If you could use a bit of work doing what we do for our Clients and you're interested in getting some freelance work doing what you do best, we're always looking to expand our roster so here's the place.

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