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We will Design and Distribute Marketing Content all across Social Media for your book and get the wider world to give

you and your work a good close look.


Even if your book is the next Great American Novel, it won’t be a success if it doesn’t get into the collective conscious of the public. You need excellent book marketing tactics to back it up.
Marketing takes planning, organisation, and consistent action. If it's done right, it’s hard work, but it soon becomes worthwhile as you foster connections and relationships with your fan base and other stakeholders.
We get to know your book from cover to cover, your backstory, your reasons for writing it, and who your ideal reader is. We connect with your intended audience and share your story.
Our Social Media Planners will draw on elements from the design, production and publishing stages of your project and establish bespoke marketing collateral, images, hashtags, a unified and themed branding for your launch campaigns and beyond.
We will develop an online Marketing and Social Media Strategy and Schedule for your book and keep doing the hard work, keep calling, keep posting, keep building your presense, keep building engagements.
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