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Create your vision on Screen. Adapt your Book to a Screenplay. We will write it for you and not only that, we will pitch it out to Producers.

Your Book, made into a Movie

"Based on the novel by......." is a producer's favourite because the story already has traction. People already know it. Just look at The Shawshank Redemption, Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, The Color Purple, Jurassic Park, Lord of the Rings and thousands more.
All originally books.
If you've written a book and you're wondering if it could be adapted to movie format, one of our experienced producers or scriptwriters can have a creative chit-chat about your project with you, look through your materials and provide a professional review of your concept as a marketable entity. What is your market? What's the demographic? Does your story work as a Movie?
If it does, and you'd like to realise the dream, we will form a specific plan for your project, map out a skeleton and adapt your book into a Movie Screenplay, we'll make a Promo Video and we'll pitch your play to Film Makers around the World. 
So, the first thing is the Screenplay. Film Producers need to see a professionally crafted Screenplay, a representation of your story with all the direction and action points they need to make their movie. if they're going to allocate 5-10% of their budget to buying the movie rights from you, it needs to be the best it can be. We will transform your book or story into a fully adapted Screenplay for Feature, Short Film or TV/Mini Series, formatted to industry standards.
Next up, what do do with your awesome screenplay?
We don't just stop there. We will pitch your script out to Film Makers around the world. This where we recommend that the script is accompanied by something that grabs a producer's attention, a Movie Promo Video. It conveys the essence of your plot and characters in an innovative, and time-saving way. If the promo dazzles a producer, they will read the script.
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