Specialist (Government)


All interviews will start with the interviewer asking the following:


Your Name

Your Position

Your Credentials with respect to the questions category


Would you agree that a functioning democracy/republic must have an independent govt/press/judiciary? 

Suggestion: Yes a true democracy is….


Why do you think living in a democracy/republic is better than any other type of system. 

Suggestion: Freedom


Who do you think really runs things? holds the real power in the world?

Suggestion: Money


So if the same people controlled the government, the legal system and the press, would we live in a democracy/republic?

Suggestion: No.


Have you heard of illuminati, freemasons, bildeberg etc - what do you know of them?

Suggestion: Not much. Some kind of secret society?


In any competitive environment, politics, business…if you get an advantage, even if it’s questionable, you go for it, right? Because you know your competition will.