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The Offworld (ever-evolving) Author's Toolkit

Here is a selection of tools and resources for authors and publishers to make life that little bit easier and the mundane a little bit briefer.

Your Toolkit is a full compliment of Author and Publisher Services and links and shortcuts mentioned in our Launch Map Video.

Author’s Guide to Self Publishing

The definitive insider’s guide to Self Publishing

Free Consultation for Authors

Chat with Authors, Editors and a variety of specialists about what you want from your writing journey

Ghostwriting Professionals

Too busy? Don’t like how you write. Get a professional author to write it

Editing Professionals

A full Developmental Edit and Proofread

Libre Office

A great author-friendly tool for your word processor and grammar and spell-checker


Grammar and spell-checker tool

Proofreading Professionals

From both the editor and the readers perspective

Book Funding Professionals

Get funded, sponsored or paid to write

Book Design Professionals

Beautiful covers and artwork

For me, as good as Photoshop and FREE

Book Production Professionals

Book creation and integration with major platforms


Turn your cover design into 3d books, PDAs, phones. even trucks and pizza boxes

Merge PDF Files Online

Always useful for printed book generation

Leading book creation tool

Book Rights Professionals

Get protected against plagiarism and other claims

US Copyright Office

$55 will get you protected

Worldwide Book Reviews Professionals

Get the machine cranked up and keep it going

Book Publishing Professionals

All the way from your manuscript to global retail

Ingram Spark

Book (and Hardback) production and distribution

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

The hub of it all. Where you load and control your books

KDP Rocket

Category and keyword tool

Book Publicity Professionals

Get your book out to the news media

Book Promotion Professionals

Get your book seen, read and talked about

Social Media Professionals

Get your book trending

Literary Agent Pitch App

Get your manuscript out to 100s of Agents with the files and format they expect

Promo Video Professionals

From a quick abstract to full interview shorts

Audiobook and Voiceover Professionals

Choose your voice


From English to Spanish, Chinese, French and more

Author Website Specialists

Establish your Author Presence

Search Engine Optimisation

Get your Author Presence ranking

Screenplay Adaptation Professionals

Turn your book into an industry-standard movie screenplay

Film Makers

Have your movie made

Film Producers

Pitch your screenplay

Original Music

Have original music made for presentations, promo videos, radio shows or movies

Brought to you by AuthorLab from Offworld.


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