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Amy's Square by Dominic Schunker

The world continues to let children die every day from thirst and starvation, poisoned water and disease, and the world continues to let the Earth die.


A man, destroyed by the desertion of his wife, comes out the other side and finds a mission. It’s bold. It’s crazy. He’s not totally sure what’s at the end of it but he has to follow it. It’s a terrifying leap away from his world but it ends up being a mission to rescue the very substance of life.


From the ancient Aztecs to the Moroccan desert, Spanish highways to the remote fields of Russia, clues appear, people die and someone gets ever closer to him.


The children, the generation who must eventually find the answer, silently guide him to the truth.


And it’s a truth that will change everything.


What the Critics say:


“Fabulous, gripping plot. Really exciting. A sense of forward movement from beginning to end.” AJR


“I can see every scene beautifully in my mind’s eye and I love the main character. He has a brilliant voice and he’s sympathetic but with a smart, cool swagger.“ NZT


“The characters and the atmosphere are compelling. Amy’s Square has a beautifully balanced story and the ideas in it are very relevant.” Xeno Martin.

Amy's Square by Dominic Schunker

SKU: 978-1-9993471-8-5
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