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Dandora Boy by Dominic Schunker

The Solomundo Foundation has been set up to bring literacy, numeracy and self-sufficiency to all those in the world without it.


Dandora Boy is for our pilot project, a slum of Nairobi, Kenya, called Korogocho. 200,000 people, squeezed into about half a square mile.


We get stories from people who can't read or write. Then we write a fun kids book, based on those stories, and some of the local kids we talked to even star in the story.


Our story for the kids of Korogocho is called, “Dandora Boy.”


It’s a unique solution… with a little bit of magic thrown in.


Samuel is a magical boy, who our heroes find at the local Dandora dumpsite as they scavenge for something of value. He takes them on a trip to different places, different times and shows them things they would never forget, shows them worlds they couldn't imagine. Can the kids use their new knowledge to change the lives of all of their families?


What the Critics say:


"Just read it and really enjoyed the story. I think its excellent. It's very well written, appealing and in excellent and appropriate level English with nice touches of humour.  It would appeal to Primary school readers.  I like the mix of fantasy and reality along with the education and environment messages."

Rodrick, Chairman of the Board, Masterpeace Kenya


" I loved it! It is brilliant!  I liked the subtle way lessons were brought into the story. I must admit I learned a thing or two therein."

Apollo Murigi


Dandora Boy by Dominic Schunker

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