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Letters from Angels by Dominic Schunker

There’s something very wrong with the world. A strange mist settles everywhere. It seems to be causing more than the usual horrors humans like to inflict on themselves, like an organising of those horrors into a plan to end them.


A Preacher with a past challenging his faith and a renowned Ufologist learn something evil is controlling it. They’re being shown signs to discover who it is but what is it?


Is it an alien hybrid, installed for a long-overdue alien takeover and terraforming of Planet Earth?


Or is it the Biblical antichrist, fulfilling its apocryphal destiny?


If they can figure out what it is, maybe they can learn how to defeat it.


Thing is, it’s not easy. The signs of abduction and demonic possession are the same. Descriptions of aliens and biblical demons are the same.


There’s nothing obvious presenting itself but there’s something about the number 37 that seems to have an answer. There is hope.


Meanwhile, the rest of humanity appears to be falling right into its trap.


One way or another, the end of the world is indeed nigh and humans are not required.


Eventually, the only solution is the most unlikely solution.


But it’s all they’ve got.

Letters from Angels by Dominic Schunker

SKU: 978-1-9993471-6-1
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