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Machine Sense by Dominic Schunker

Zak sees things change that no-one else does. His best buddy suddenly became someone he’d never met, president Garfield is now president Valdez. Something is messing up the timeline. To everybody else though its always been as it is. 


He’s been alone with this since he was a teenager but then he meets Allie, someone else who sees the same changes. Her mum does as well and it seems his daughter, Izzy is showing signs of seeing the changes too. 


There follows a tale of nazis, reverse engineered alien spacecraft, Auschwitz experiments and alien-human hybrids with eyes that change from green to blue for no apparent reason, like Izzi.


They discover this is not a random universal glitch, someone is changing the timeline to benefit themselves and what’s worse, they’re targeting people whose eyes change like Izzi.


Things just got very real for Zak.


It’s a story about feeling alone with an affliction you can’t tell anyone about. You’re also up against a power far greater than you and that power is after your little girl. Imagine men with guns coming in the night to take her away. But it’s worse. No men, no guns. One day, she never existed and only you know she ever did.


Then you find you’re not alone. What gives your enemy the power could be what will prove your advantage and that affliction could be what saves you.


What Readers are saying:


“A fabulous romp across time, tragic, humorous, always where it needs to be, with classic tropes presented in a new and interesting way.”


“Schunker’s spiky, effervescent style helps propel the novel along at a great pace and brings much humour to what could otherwise be heavy subject matter.”


“There’s a cinematic quality to the writing. It’s a spiky, effervescent story, and it rips along at a fair rate”


“Crazy as a pink frog but curiously plausible”


“This is begging to become a movie - it’s perfect.”

Machine Sense by Dominic Schunker

SKU: 978-1-9993471-3-0
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