Book Creation and Production

We can Make it, Translate it and Record it. Our Production Process pulls it all together to get your book turned into a beautiful eBook, Paperback, Hardback or Audiobook in a number of languages. There’s a lot that needs to go into a book. The Manuscript of course. Then there are pages for Rights, Acknowledgements, Chapter Links, Marketing pages and several more. 

This is where we Create your book in professional Typeset Print format,  various eBook formats and Audiobook. All formats will comply with Industry (and Retail) standards and you will receive your brand spanking new book all ready to publish.



There are set components that need to be in your book in a certain order. It's vital for you book to look every bit as professional as traditional publications. We know these and will prepare a book that is market-ready.


Submission Formats

You will have quite a bit to do with your book once it's in your hands. Different people and different systems will need a variety of formats for reviews, pitches, publishing and many more. We will give you everything you need.


Fast Turnaround

We will get your finished product within 7 days of submitting source material.

Book Creation and Production

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