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Rights Protection and Plagiarism Tracking

Never underestimate the importance of securing your own work in your own name. With Legal Copyright Protection, you put your flag in the sand and will be able to challenge plagiarism or any other infringements.


Everything we do will carry your name as the registered owner of your manuscript, your book and all publicity that follows.



There are several Rights and Sales Tracking Databases we need to register your book on and we'll do this for you, primarily with the US Copyright Office.



If anyone plagiarises your work, this registration is vital to effectively claim your property.



We will file all applications and get you over the originals. We maintain a file of all Rights Registrations on your behalf in case you mislay them.


Sales Tracking

We will ensure that the appropriate Sales Tracking is in place for your book from Retailers and 3rd Party Rights Trackers.


ISBN Numbers

We will have already secured and assigned all ISBN Numbers for your book and now, we will assign those same numbers to International Rights databases


All in your Name

Throughout all processes, at all times, you are shown as the owner of your book. If we're Ghostwriting a book or screenplay for you, we will sign a Confidentiality Agreement to that effect


Legal Witness

You can be rely on Offworld to comply with any legal requirement for us to clearly state the dates of the work we did for you and exactly what we did. This adds a second layer of proof to any claim you might have against a third party. 

Rights Protection and Plagiarism Tracking

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