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Under the Limbo Tree by Dominic Schunker

Cornwall, England, 2020


A man is shown the irony of a perfect love and the perfect reason why that love can never happen, and a young woman embarks on her own quest, which could save them both.


Cornwall, England, 1873


A young woman returns home, damaged by the isolation of a broken marriage and embarks on a journey to find trust. Then it all starts to unravel.


Tennessee, 1968


From the deep south in times of vicious racial division, a persecuted young African-American woman wakes up to find she’s swapped bodies with a white supremacist but sees an opportunity to change the course of history.


And all the while, a ghost from the future jumps across time and space, appearing randomly to all of them, inadvertently linking elements to ensure a great wrong is put right and earning his own salvation.


What the Critics say:


“Three beautifully interwoven stories united by an underlying

theme of isolation and persecution”

LGT (Mrs), Human Rights Campaigner, Omaha, Nebraska


“The way the plots touch each other and the magic of the message is breathtaking”

Adrian Pleto, New York


“The characters are truly vibrant. I could feel their angst and loneliness and they all raise very pertinent questions about what we would do in their terrifying predicaments”

Natalie S, Christchurch, New Zealand


“A masterpiece of human emotions and how great horrors can be overcome by the most wonderful of messages”

Joost Van der Graaf, Cape Town, South Africa


“Another worldbuilding masterclass by an author quickly assuming cult status”

Audrey Staplehurst, East Grinstead, UK

Under the Limbo Tree by Dominic Schunker

SKU: 978-1-9162175-0-8
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